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When we read the book of Acts we see the Apostles of Jesus evangelise different religious groups; there are Jews, Samaritans, magicians, followers of Zeus, Artemis, and John the Baptist, but we never read of any Apostle evangelising Muslims. The reason for this is of course that Muhammad, the founder of Islam, was born around 550 years after Jesus. This may sound like an obvious observation to make, but the absence of Islam in the Bible has an effect on Christians. It means Christians do not learn about Islam naturally from reading the Bible, instead it is optional.

The situation for Muslims is the exact opposite. Christianity is a major topic in the Qur’an. The Qur’an directly engages with all major Christian beliefs, and instructs Muslims to reject and refute them. In fact Islam promotes itself by speaking against Christianity. The Qur’an also prepares Muslims and their governments, politically, militarily, and romantically to engage with Christians. A Muslim who learns Islam naturally learns to reject Christianity and challenge Christians; it is just part of being Muslim; it is compulsory.

The result of this situation is that when a Christian and Muslim talk the Christian may feel unprepared. They may not know the teachings of Islam, its history or what questions to ask. The Muslim, however, may feel quite prepared, and be well equipped with various books, leaflets, videos, Bible verses, and questions to ask. Of course not all Muslims learn their faith or are zealous, but it is still important for Christians understand the preparation Islam gives Muslims so they know what to expect and be prepared.

The Engaging with Islam website provides research, training, tools for evangelism, answers to common questions, and advice, so that the Christian can be prepared to share and defend the Gospel. To get started watch the above video. If after watching this you want more training then do the Engaging with Islam training course.

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